Why Grow Button Mushrooms?

Starting With Button Mushrooms

button mushrooms

It’s not to hard to get a harvest like this one, if you are good at reading and following instructions, then you should have little trouble.

Button mushrooms are just one of those foods that either puts people off or people are enthusiastic about. I’m the later for sure and my wife is the former for absolutely sure. Mushrooms are high in fiber and vitamin D to name a few and there is a lot to like about them nutritionally speaking. Nobody eats them for those reasons though, they are just bonuses to a food, if you like it, were going to eat anyhow.

Some mushrooms like morels are very seasonal and difficult to find let alone cultivate, so I totally get their cost being on the high side. You either know where to find them, have a friend who gives you some or you buy them. Mushrooms like the shiitake mushroom are so delicious but I’m not sure where I’d find them around where I live, if I could at all, except at the grocery store.

Mushrooms From a Kit to get Started

Because I really do love eating mushrooms alone or added to a dish, like a nice porterhouse steak with some sautéed button mushrooms or shiitake, I’m left buying them if I want to have any to eat. Or I was, that is, until my son bought me a mushroom growing kit. He knew I’d like that because I am a do it yourself kind of guy, I like to garden and eat organic food and be somewhat self-reliant.

Now let me cut to the chase here, growing button mushrooms, shiitake, oyster and enokitake at home are maybe the simplest things I have ever grown. It’s safe, simple and if you can point a water spray bottle, you’ve got what it takes to grow mushrooms from a kit! There is a little more to it than that when you begin to propagate the mushroom varieties you want to grow, but you get the idea, it’s not rocket science!

Once you have the kit you can perpetuate the button mushroom stock you have and literally never run out of mushrooms or have to buy them ever again!

Free Mushrooms?

You don’t have to worry about growing to many or having them go to waste because it is so simple to dry them and they keep forever or possibly a few days longer than that! The very best part about that is when you decide to eat them some time later, once you have re-hydrated them, they taste just as good, really!

Finally, as if the previous reasons aren’t good enough, a kit cost probably what you would spend in just a few trips to the grocery store for button mushrooms. So in a very short time you get your money’s worth back, and then save money by not having to buy these mushrooms ever again!

If you love mushrooms and like the idea of not having to buy them again, then I encourage you to seriously think about growing them at home.

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