Veggie Garden – Why You Should Start One

Veggie Garden – Should  You Start One?

veggie garden

Fresh vegetables are more than a good reason to grow a garden, don’t you think?

Why start a veggie garden? If you’ve been to the supermarket in the last year, and haven’t been hiding under a rock, you know that food is expensive, especially if you want fresh organic, non-gmo vegetables.

The solution is to either just settle for less healthy food or start a vegetable garden.

That may sound a little intimidating to you if you are not a gardener or if you think you lack the space or resources. Let me put your mind at ease.

Starting a veggie garden is easy and doesn’t require a lot of space or property. Even if you only have a window sill, you can provide some healthy food to your family at some level. Even if that doesn’t seem like much to you, let me assure that every little bit counts.
It’s important to start with good seed or a reputable plant provider that sells heirloom non-gmo and organically grown plants. It will take a little effort on your part to do some research on what companies sell good stock.

I will tell you who I use for my seeds and you are welcome to use them yourself, but you should still do your homework on them, since I am prone to mistakes like the next person. I buy my seeds for my veggie garden from “Seeds of Change” and “Johnny Seed”. I grow my own plants, so I don’t need to buy them, though I believe you can get plants from either of the two seed companies I’ve mentioned, but you’ll need to verify that for yourself.

If you have property then the process is more than I want to cover in this blog post, but I will say it does take some work and planning but it is well worth it. I will cover that in a separate blog post.
If you are restricted in the amount of space you have then you will also have some limitations on the plant variety you can grow. There are plenty of vegetable plants that do well in pots or on window sills, but large vining plants are just impractical.

What to Grow in Your Veggie Garden

My top choices for a potted veggie garden are:

Pole Beans (Tall but not wide + high yielding)
Green Onions
All kinds of herbs

The great thing about each one of those plants, except the cucumber, is you can blanch and freeze them for later use.

Are there other plants that may be better or easier to grow? Most likely, but you will need to determine that based on where you live, how much space you have and what you like to eat.
What veggies would you like to grow? Are you starting a garden in pots or out in your yard?

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