The Types of Rabbits To Choose From

Selecting The Types of Rabbits That’s Best For You

lop eared bunny

Cute lop eared bunny would make a great pet!

All different types of rabbits make a wonderful addition to a backyard micro farm that are easy to care for, fun to raise and that has lots of benefits.

Having one rabbit is a good start, but the only thing better that having a rabbit is having rabbits.

There are so many kinds of rabbits that, if you haven’t settled on a particular type, that task could be a little daunting, purely from the number of choices you have set in front of you.

The first question you have to answer is why you want to get a rabbit? Do you want a rabbit as a pet, to breed for more rabbits, to sell or for meat? If you want a rabbit for a pet or maybe to show in 4H or some other venue, then you will want to try and get a breed that is a size that you feel comfortable with, but somewhat docile and easy to handle.

If you are looking to sell rabbits then you need to consider your customer demographics, meaning why do they want to buy rabbits? If you want to raise rabbit for the meat, then size and a propensity to be disease resistant would be on the top of my list.

I have provided a list of large rabbits that are 8 pounds and up, to start with, of course not all of these would be considered a meat rabbit, but most you could show depending on if their recognized by the ARBA in the United States and where you are showing them. I think most, if not all, would make a good pet.

Large Types of Rabbits

types of rabbits

Medium Rabbits

If you are just looking for a pet or maybe there are particular types of rabbits, like the Dutch, that you really like and want to raise and sell. This isn’t any different than when you see people raising a specific breed of dog like dachshunds to sell. Whatever it is about the breed that you connect with and why you connect with it, it is important that you do. It’s hard to do anything if there’s no investment from you. Of course we all understand the financial portion of that investment, but on a personal level is where, if you are selling them, it will come across to your customers that you are truly enthusiastic about the breed, what you like about them or if you just want their money.

Below there is another button, that if you click it will download a list, for what I’d consider medium or medium small to borderline large rabbits. The list includes whether the rabbit has short hair or long hair. The list also includes details like colors, expected weight or a weight range, whether there ears are upright or floppy and of course the name of the breed and origin.

This is just one step in finding the breed of rabbit you are looking for. You need to know what it is you are looking for in a breed, whether it’s a rabbit a dog or a chicken. This list basically gives you the physical attributes of the breed but you’ll want to do a little more research to determine if the rabbit will be able to abide where you plan to house them.

Some people keep their rabbit inside, litter train them, let them run about the house. Some house them in the backyard in some pretty elaborate housing.

Whatever it is you are going to do, you should make those decisions before you get your rabbit.

List of Medium Rabbits

Medium Rabbits

Small Rabbits

Small rabbits are really enjoyable, especially if you have young children. It’s a great way to get them interested in animals and give them a chance to see up-close what nature, animals and some responsibility is all about. I think that these rabbits are the easiest to keep inside, taking care of them and setting up their living quarters is something like what you’d do for say a really big guinea pig.

You’ll need a cage that is suitable size for the breed you are getting. If you are getting a small rabbit that is on the top end of the small scale, then a bigger cage would be necessary. You need to be able to give the rabbit quality food, usually rabbit food from your local farm supply is the best place to get food for any size rabbit. Not that the food is better, per se, but it is way cheaper! 50 lbs. of rabbit food for $15 is a pretty good deal compared to paying $8 for maybe 5 lbs. at your local pet store.

Of course plenty of fresh water, especially when it warm out is vitally important.

The only thing about keeping any animal inside that makes it less enjoyable, to me anyhow, is that keeping up with their waste.

A catch tray under a wire cage does keep it contained for the most part, but you don’t want to let it go for long or you wont be able to move the tray without spilling the urine out onto the floor.

It’s not a deal breaker, but something that you can’t let slip whether you feel like it or not or you’ll regret it later.

If you get a small or dwarf rabbit it will be unique because to my knowledge their are not nearly as many variety that fall into that category compared to their larger brethren.

List of Small Rabbits

Small Rabbits

I hope you found this informative and helpful.

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