Shiitake Mushrooms Endless Supply

Shiitake Mushrooms for Free?

Shiitake Mushrooms

Right out in my backyard! Free, delicious mushrooms, that I can eat fresh or dry and save them for whenever i decide I’d like them.

If you love mushrooms then most likely you know what shiitake mushrooms are and how delicious they are!

And if you are familiar with the shiitake then you know how terribly expensive they are and that the ratio of dollars to mushrooms far exceeds the need to consume them, at least most of the time.

What if there was a solution? What if you could have all the shiitake mushrooms you wanted, even sell them for profit or give them away to friends and family, if you so desired?

You could grow your own, and you don’t need acres of land or any special skill set, simply a desire to know how to grow them and a commitment to doing it. Check out this video below:



It doesn’t take a ton of time and it really is not that expensive to do. The truly wonderful thing about them is, like most all mushrooms, they perpetuate themselves, so they continue to produce for years after the original spore or inoculated substrate is purchased.

You can even learn to make your own spore syringe and inoculated substrate so you only have to buy the original set to get started. There are some things to learn so you’ll have a learning curve, but if you like to garden, then it’ll be enjoyable for you!

To start need to know what shiitake mushrooms grow in and the environment needed for them to flourish.

In nature they grow on hardwood logs and sprout out of the logs during the wet season, usually in the spring. This isn’t hard to replicate with inoculated wood plugs, a drill and some bees wax. Some folks will inoculate a log and keep it in the shade and just wait for nature to take its course.

You can speed nature up or “trick” the mushrooms by recreating the conditions that occur in nature. You soak the log in cold water for 12 to 24 hours replicating the wet cool conditions of spring and this will cause the mushroom to grow. Once the mycelium has established in the log, you can expect to harvest mushroom for the next 5 years from it.

Mushroom farms will have 5000 logs at a time, maybe more, at any given time. You can expect to harvest a couple pounds of mushrooms each time you get a harvest from each log.

It is also possible to grow shiitake mushrooms indoors under the right conditions. In fact if you buy a kit a lot of the work is done for you and you can learn, with a high success rate, how to grow the shiitake to see if it’s for you. The video below explains it all and is a kit from when it’s taken out of the box to the first harvest.

Have you ever tried growing shiitake mushrooms? How did it go? Success? Failure?

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