Scary Garden Gnomes Scare The Hell Out Of Your Neighbors?

Not everyone has the nerve to let Zombies loose in their garden……How about You?


Adding Scary Garden Gnomes To Your Yard

scary garden gnomes

This is a lot of fun to have especially around Halloween, but scary garden gnomes will definitely be a conversation piece anytime of year.

Garden gnomes of course are always a favorite and add a touch of “magic” to your garden, especially if you have young children in your life.

What’s even more fun are scary garden gnomes for Halloween or just to be different and get your neighbors wondering a bit.

Gardening for all its technicalities with proper soil conditions, pH levels, time of year etc., it also gives lots of license to have fun and be creative.

You see lots of different things out in peoples flower beds like bird baths and trellises to name a few.

How much fun are garden gnomes that will scare the hell out of your neighbors? These are absolutely a blast and a bit unexpected to be honest.

But there is the beauty of the creative license gardening affords you!

Put these babies in your garden and your garden will be the talk of the neighborhood!

I know this probably seems like something more for Halloween, but unless you’ve been gardening under a rock, you know that there are plenty of shows on television that are all about Zombies.

Do you fear the walking dead gnomes? Or do you have the nerve to set them loose on your neighbors too??

Would you put Zombie Gnomes in Your Garden??


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