Raising Chickens With Limited Space

Raising Chickens is Easy Even With Limited Space

raising chickens

Fresh eggs every morning is what you can expect when you have a nice hen to provide them!

Raising chickens in a small backyard in the suburbs is completely doable, with a little innovation you will have fresh eggs to enjoy and spend little time feeding or watering your backyard chickens!

Imagine having fresh eggs not only for yourself, but your neighbors too! The great thing is, is you do not need a rooster to get eggs!

So what does that mean? It means that your neighbors nay never know you are raising chickens without that noising crowing rooster!

If you have kids this is a great project for them and you can show them how to collect the eggs, feed and water the birds as well. They are learning responsibility and you can feel good about teaching that to them!

The video below is an excellent example of how a little ingenuity can go a long way. The way this coop is set up and the chickens that they have, I don’t even think a neighbor would know you had chickens unless you decided to go tell them.

I have a lot of room, acres actually, and I have gravity fed feeder systems and an “auto” waterer for raising chickens, but I really like the feeder and chicken watering system they have in this video, that I intend to take some of what they have done and integrate it into my own systems. So even if you have chickens like I do, there always another or better way to raise chickens. There is always something to learn!

Have you hesitated getting chickens, even though you really wanted them? Do you think you could, now that you’ve watched this video, have chickens where you live now?

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