How to Grow Your Own Food

Do You Know How to Grow Your Own Food?

how to grow your own food

A beautiful harvest you could have too when you know how to grow your own food.

It wasn’t to terribly long ago since people were self-reliant, able to take care of themselves and their families with their own skill and determination.

Since the industrial revolution in this country, however, people have become more and more reliant on technology and much less reliant on their own knowledge and abilities.

So with that I have a simple question: If everything as we know it were to stop and you could no longer go to the store to buy food, would you know how to grow your own food to feed yourself and your family?

I’m not saying that everything will stop, but I think like many things in this world, there certainly is a chance it could. If you look around at the world you can see we’ve been hit by meteors in the past. In fact we are hit by meteors all the time, but they are usually so small we never know or hear about it. Still, the thought of something bigger is in the back of my mind, maybe it’s in the back of your mind too?!?

So there is always the potential for something catastrophic to happen, whatever it is, I think that is a given. But we all go along happily without too much thought about it, me included.

What I am really talking about here, though, isn’t fear or paranoia. I’m talking about common sense and preparedness. I’m talking about connecting with our heritage, no matter where you are from in the ability to be more self-reliant. Growing your own food, clean drinking water and shelter are really all we need to survive. Just surviving is not my ideal way to live, I’m sure it isn’t yours either.

Adding Skills You Will Always Use

I look at the ability to grow my own food and be self-reliant as a bridge or a stop gap to go from one period to another. Given the fact of what we as a society know today, if we were to suddenly loose our way of life, it would not be centuries but probably years or decades to return to something like what we now know. So the idea is to survive until you can thrive, but you have to survive, right?

Now let’s say it never happens, and I’m all for it, did you waste your time and money? I would say no! You’ve learned a skill and hopefully shared it with your children or family. If you grew and ate some of what you grew, then you did get a return on any investment you made. Not only that but it was healthy, fresh, fun and most likely delicious! I’m all for those types of results, never mind why I’m doing it.

Simply stated, a skill you develop is something you’ll have your whole life, can use whenever you need to and can pass along to your children or family. No different than anything else we’ve learned from our parents or have already taught our kids. How to catch, how to ride a bike, how to brush their teeth, clean up after themselves and on and on….

Knowing How to Grow Your Own Food Is Insurance

Think of it like fire insurance. You don’t buy fire insurance because your house is going to burn down, chances are in fact it never will, but you buy fire insurance anyhow in case it ever does.

Learning to grow your own food, in some manner, is the same assurance. Do you grow your own food? Why or why not?

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