How to Grow Strawberries in Your Backyard

Knowing How to Grow Strawberries is It’s Own Reward!

how to grow strawberries

Easily grown in a garden bed or in pots on your deck, the choice is yours and the reward is just as satisfying!

Do you like strawberries? I know I do, in fact “like” is understating what I really think about them! I like them so much I had to find out how to grow strawberries so I’d have my own private stash.

When I was growing up we would go to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a week or sometimes two in June of each year. Most years we would catch the strawberries at the right time and we’d go pick a bunch.

Then we’d come back to the cottage my parents rented and we would have strawberry shortcake.

Like most things I like to grow and eat there are many fond memories attached to them.

Knowing how to grow strawberries has allowed me to continue those memories without having to leave my property. The video below shows you just how easy it is to grow them and after you watch it, you may be wondering why you haven’t ever grown them before because it is just that easy!


It’s my desire to create many fond memories for my own children that is, at least in part, responsible for why I garden. I want to pass that love along to them, whether they are gardeners when their adults isn’t as much the point as them having good memories from their childhood.

I can’t think of anything much better than giving your son or daughter a delicious treat that they helped to pick, out of your own garden, on a pleasant summer evening. It is simple, but somehow simple seems to be the memories we hang on to.

How to grow strawberries? It’s really very simple as you saw in the video, it just takes the right soil, some healthy strawberry crowns and deciding whether you want strawberry plants that produce runners or not.

One thing I know for sure is that it is easier to grow strawberries where you have already planted and grown vegetables previously, with similar soil requirements.

You can grow strawberries in pots, raised bed, or out in your vegetable garden. They really are a wonderful, delicious addition to your garden!

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