Herb Garden In a Container The Cure For Limited Space

Herb Garden in a Container as Simple as 1-2-3

herb garden in a container

Planting a herb garden on your deck or window sill is one of the simplest types of garden there is that will provide fresh herbs for you and your family for months and months.

Putting a herb garden in a container is one of the simplest, most resourceful ways to have fresh herbs no matter if you live in the country or in a sky scrapper, you can have a herb garden!

I really like the video below because it is precisely to the point with quick and easy instructions not only for a herb garden but eludes to growing vegetables from seed in the same manner.

Some people have plenty of room and never take advantage of it while others who have the biggest challenges with how and where they can grow herbs or vegetables seem to come up with more inventive and creative ways to grow and provide fresh food for their family.

As the saying goes necessity is the mother of invention, so it seems that those who face the biggest challenges are the ones who find the biggest solutions. If that’s you then you ought to be a little fired up right now!

In the video below she takes you step by step and it really is a one, two three process.  She uses herb plants from a local greenhouse, which is fine. Me, I like to grow my own plants. When it comes to growing what I like or the type of plants I feel good about eating, like heirloom plants, there no better way that buying or collecting the seeds yourself and growing them yourself.

If you have been wondering how to go about growing herbs or vegetables and you have limited space, take a gander at this video, if this doesn’t have you on your way to growing your own fresh produce I’m not sure what will!

Quick How to Herb Garden in a Container

Watering Your Herb Garden

As you may have noticed she uses some polymer additive for water retention because the soil must be well drained and will require frequent watering, so her solution was a water absorbing material that would hold water for the plants so you wouldn’t need to water as often. When it comes to a herb garden in a container or any garden really that is smart thinking and I understand the thought behind it, after all I am always looking for ways to simplify and improve on how I do things.

Still I wonder if a polymer sheet on top of the soil would provide a similar result with less frequent watering. I know that in my own vegetable garden I use a 4 mil black plastic tarp and I don’t water as frequent or as much since condensation under the tarp keeps the soil nice and moist for much longer. I suspect it would work but not nearly as effectively as it does when the garden is in the ground though I’m not sure because this herb garden is not in the ground, so I’ll have to give that a try and see what happens. I’ll post my results here, good bad or indifferent.

Have you ever attempted growing a herb garden in a pot on a window sill, on your deck or balcony? How about vegetables?

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