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Gardening Tools for Any Task

gardening tools

Used right garden tools can make a difficult task quick work and give you more time to enjoy the beauty of what you have planted.

There is a multitude of gardening tools out there for you to use, depending on what you are gardening.

Are you cultivating vegetables, flowers or fruit trees?

If you go to Amazon, as of today anyhow, you’ll see there are at least four hundred pages listing gardening hand tools alone!

So really what it comes down to is what is it that you are trying to accomplish, which there most likely is a gardening tool.

For this post we are going to concentrate on vegetable gardening. Tools for gardening are pretty self-explanatory, generally speaking, but if you are new to gardening then this may be a good read for you to help get organized.

There are four basic categories gardening tools fall into of which many of the tools have usefulness in one or more of the categories. This is true no matter what you are growing except possibly flowers which you may decide to leave growing rather than harvesting them.

The Four Garden Tool Categories:

  • Soil preparation
  • Planting
  • Maintaining
  • Harvesting

Soil Preparation

Soil preparation tools are generally something you use in the spring and again in the fall to get you planting bed ready for the next crop. Rototillers, shovels, hoes, garden rakes would all fall into this category. There are varieties of all of these tools listed, customized for their application. There are versions of shovels and rakes, for instance, made just for raised bed gardening. Really it’s the ergonomics of using gardening tools that is what makes these variations worth consideration. Gardening can be hard on your back and knees so any tool made to keep you upright rather than bending over or on your knees is worth a look.

Planting Tools

Planting tools can be as simple as your index finger and a ruler or as advanced as using a garden seeder. Stakes and a string will help keep your rows straight and a garden rake will help you to furrow your soil over your seeds. If you are planting plants rather than seeds, then a small hand shovel is very useful. Gloves cannot be overstated for any phase of gardening. The garden seeds will keep you off your knees and save you back, but depending on the size of your garden may not be practical.

Garden Maintenance

Tools for maintaining your garden are for keeping weeds under control and keep your soil aerated for good root development. Also depending on your soil and what you are growing this could include adding and working fertilizer, bone meal, blood meal or some other soil conditioning agent into the ground. Garden rakes, hoes, stand-up weeder, cobra head weeder and cultivator and a garden weasel will all fit the bill for helping you to maintain your garden.

Even though you fertilize your garden in the early spring before you plant and in the fall after you have harvested, you may need to add some additional fertilizer or possibly a fungicide (or something along those lines) during the growing season. A good hose end sprayer or hand pump sprayer should help you get that done.


Tools for harvesting include pruners, baskets, totes or even a wheel barrel or wagon and a good pair of work gloves. Pruners are especially useful when you are gathering up pumpkins, squash, okra and zucchini for instance. I also like to use pruners to get my tomatoes of the vine so I don’t damage the plant. It seems like whenever I try and pull or twist the tomato I end up taking some of the plant with it. This isn’t a common tactic, I think most people have little trouble getting tomatoes off their plants, but I don’t, so I thought I’d mention it.

Like I said, there is a lot of gardening tools depending on what is it that you are trying to accomplish. I didn’t even scratch the surface, but hopefully I got you pointed in the right direction and have started a good conversation.

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