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Three Garden Ideas You’ll Want to Consider

garden ideas

Simple ideas with big harvest!

Vegetable gardening is a great hobby but more than that it is a great source of fresh produce!

Simple vegetable garden ideas can give you a little sense of self-reliance which in my opinion is always a good thing!

Below are three simple ideas for those that have limited space that I hope you find informative and useful.

One of The Simplest Garden Ideas

One of the simplest gardens to put in is a raised bed garden. These are great if you have limited space or if you have acres of land. They don’t require a tiller and are easy on your back since the up off the ground. There is usually a little expense at the beginning to buy the lumber you need to “box in” your garden bed. You can also buy the soil or shovel some off your property or mix the two together. If you have the lumber just lying around then that’s even better.

You don’t have to use treated lumber from the lumber yard, you can use timbers if you have it or you could even buy timber if you prefer that over treated dimensional lumber. I’ve never used timber for a raised bed garden, but I have heard of others doing it, so it is an option. There is one caution for using timber however and that is you may get some unexpected pest infestations considering that timbers are coming out of the woods with no process to kill any pest living in them.

You could also use stone which would be beautiful landscaping material, but can be very expensive unless you have natural stone available to you. No pest, but can be heavy and more tedious to work with and time consuming than dimensional lumber or timbers.

Check out this quick video that show’s you just how simple a raised bed garden can be:

Container Vegetable Garden

What’s the difference between a raised bed garden and a container garden? Both techniques are using a container of sorts, so the real difference is the size of the container. Container gardens are generally small enough for your porch, patio or window sill. You can grow a lot of the same vegetables in container gardens as you can in a raised bed garden, but you will be limited on how much you can grow so you want to be a little more judicious on what you decide to grow.

The cost is typically much lower and many times it’s practically free because you can take old buckets, watering cans, wash tubs etc., really you can take any container and change it from junk lying around to a useful garden container. It is simple to be sure, but it is a really smart and a good use of resources.

Here’s a quick video showing you just how quick and simple container gardening can be:

Square Foot Vegetable Garden

Another small space vegetable garden idea is square foot gardening also known as grid gardening and is done in a four foot by four foot raised bed garden. It would be easy enough to take the same concept and put it to use in a ground plot or a smaller container.

Really it is about getting absolutely the most out of a limited space. It is the use of a “grid” that helps you to realize just how much you can plant in a limited space. It is another really simple, but beautifully brilliant, method created by Mel Bartholomew that will enable anybody with the ambition to grow their own food to do just that. In fact if you are new to gardening it might be the best first garden you could start out with. It teaches you to plan and make the most of what you have to work with and what to plant where.

Check out the video below to see just how simple a small space vegetable garden can be:

So which garden ideas are you favorite? The square foot garden is a really good way to teach kids how to garden and teach them how to get the most out of it!

I like raised bed gardening and have some raised beds. And you guessed it, they are for my kids!  We did the square foot method, and it went pretty good, but I think we can do better.

I’m looking forward to this coming spring so we can get started!

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