Composter DIY- A Quick How To

Composter DIY Save Money & Make Your Own Soil


composter diy

Imagine taking all this and turning it into rich organic soil in a matter of days.

Composter DIY, this is a great idea! And if you have ever seen the price of a composter which is basically the same thing at one of the big box stores, you really have to appreciate the extremely low cost to make your own.

Making your own rich organic soil is something every gardener should love having the ability to do. Not only that, but it keeps waste down to such a minimum because what you can’t eat you can put to a new use! How cool is that!!

I have rabbits and chickens and I have to tell you that their waste along with any outdated food my family didn’t use with composter diy makes some spectacular soil! The video below is 9 minutes long, but it’s worth watching to cover off on all the details of how this was done, which can save you some time and money knowing how it was done.

What I especially like about ideas like a composter diy, is just that, they are ideas. You can substitute or change any or all of the idea to accommodate what you have available to make something like this, and it will work! I know a guy who could find a barrel like the one in the video, but he did have a metal box and he made it work! I mean why wouldn’t it? Your still tumbling the compost and that is really a big part of turning it into soil.

So don’t let what you don’t have hold you back, think of how you can make what you do have work!

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