Basic Garden Skills Will Be Taught in Schools?

Will Basic Garden Skills Will be Taught in All Schools Soon?

basic garden skills

having basic garden skills is like have a degree from a university, once you have it nobody can take it away from you and you never know when you’ll need it!

Gardening will be taught in schools. Did you read that right?  Yep, you sure did! Unfortunately, at least in my opinion, it wont be taking place in the United States.

The country that has noticed the decline in it citizens ability to differentiate one kind of vegetable from the other or a chicken from a duck has decided that enough is enough is the island nation known as the Philippines.

The need for basic garden skills isn’t as high on the list for many countries, but should it be?

Given that some percentage of people in every nation live in poverty and go without nutritious food, wouldn’t teaching people how to grow their own food help fix that problem.  As the saying goes “Give a man a Fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime”. Teaching a person to grow their own food is helping to feed them for a lifetime too.

As as incentive there will be a “best garden contest” that “For the search for the best school garden, Piñol (The Philippine Department of Agriculture Secretary) is proposing a school districts level, followed by municipal, provincial, regional, then national. The winner will be given a Presidential Award, cash, and gardening tools.” 

Since, similar to the United States, agriculture isn’t the career of choice for many of today’s youth who don’t have any basic garden skills and typically choose to work in a city rather than on a farm, these types of incentives are going to be necessary I believe, even in the Philippines, to make the program successful.

So the question is really, could something like this, teaching basic gardening skills in public schools,  work in the United States or other developed countries?

Do you think teaching basic garden skills is a good idea? Share your thoughts!

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