Backyard Greenhouse Project – Why I Built My Own

A Backyard Greenhouse Is Essential!

backyard greenhouse

This is why we garden. The work is very rewarding but enjoying the end results are what keeps me coming back for more!

I love to garden. I mean I really love it!! Which is what prompted me to build my own backyard greenhouse.

When I get seed catalogs in the mail in the winter I’m like a little kid at Christmas thinking about what I would like to try and grow that spring.

Every year I plan out a new garden. I have a spreadsheet I use so I know what supplies I’ll need, how many plants, what I’m going to start from seed etc.

And every year I’m wishing I had a backyard greenhouse to grow my own plants, until now.

Having a Backyard Greenhouse Equals Self Reliance

Building my own greenhouse allowed me to stop depending on local nurseries and greenhouses and allowed me to have more control over what I wanted to grow.


Heirloom tomato seedlings started in my backyard greenhouse allowed me to grow 7 varieties of tomatoes in my garden. I would have never found that diversity at a local nursery.

Growing organic heirloom plants allows me to collect and save my own seeds which in turn provides me with a certain level of self-reliance in regards to what I grow.

I wanted something that I could add onto and that was easy to store without spending copious amounts of money. See the picture at the top of this post?

That is not the greenhouse I built. It is one of those flimsy tent like greenhouses you can get at the Home Depot or Walmart.

Nothing against those, if you have one, but it really wasn’t what I wanted.  I wanted something that was going to last and that I could even add onto if I wanted, so I decided to build my own greenhouse.

If you’ve seen how much one of the pre-built greenhouses cost, then you know why building one myself seemed to be a good idea.

Well really more than “seemed like”, it turned out to be a great idea and at less than a third of the cost for greenhouse of the same size.

I made my greenhouse to last too!! Assembles easily, easy to put away and store when I’m not using it or I can also use it for making mushroom inoculate and more.

3 Solid Reason To Build My Own Greenhouse

1. $6 for a tomato plant. Seriously?

I’m sure that you’ve been out shopping in the spring and while you are looking for some plants you want for your garden you see a flat of tomato plants, peppers or whatever.

They look “ok” but they are small and definitely not your first choice. So then you look up or across the way and you see this tomato plant that is deep green and has a thick strong stem branches and you think, now that is what I’m talking about!

Until you see the price tag. honestly $6 is probably being fairly modest I know I have seen plants north of $10 let alone $6.

It’s about this time I start wondering why I haven’t built a greenhouse yet. This isn’t the main reason why I finally did build my own greenhouse, but it’s right up there at the top.

If you think about how much you spend on plants it’s not too hard to justify a greenhouse. Yes there is a learning curve, but that is one of the most exciting parts of gardening, learning something new.

2. Plant variety and diversity.

Having a greenhouse not only can save you some money, but it opens the door to new and exotic plants that you probably could not have grown before.

This is especially true for me and anyone else who lives in the North. You can start plants in your green house and transplant them out in your garden.

Or you can cultivate them right in your greenhouse.

I kind of think it as my plant lab where I can play around with plants a little and see what I can get to grow and what is a total no go. It’s fun, at least for me, to try.

3. Extended growing season.

If you live somewhere with a cold climate, extended your growing season can allow you to enjoy fresh produce for more of the year.

I think that probably seemed obvious, but it’s true! Not only after the regular season has ended but before it even starts.

Plants like peas, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots etc. are already good cool weather plants; now imagine getting your first harvest when most people are just putting their seeds into the ground.

I’ve even known of someone planting corn in their greenhouse to not only give an early start, but of course an early harvest.

So put some in the greenhouse put some in the ground and get 2 harvest! Just using a little creativity can reap big dividends!

Are there more reasons? Sure there are, and you’ll have your own reasons should you decide to build your own greenhouse.

So what do you think? Would you rather build your own greenhouse or just buy one??

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