Are GMO Crops Safe? – Destroying GMO Crop Fields?[Some Countries Are]

Are GMO Crops Safe to Eat?

gmo wheat

Beautiful sunset, but ominous not knowing if GMO’s are safe to eat? Europe sure doesn’t seem to think they are.

I cannot confess to know everything about GMO crops let alone answer the question are GMO crops safe to eat?

I wish I knew more since this is such a significant issue in the United States in particular.

I know that many other countries will not even accept grain exports from the U.S. due to our practices with genetically modified organism, which in many ways is no practice at all, since our government seems to feel there is no need  to label anything and that it is perfectly safe to eat, according to them.

But are GMO crops safe to eat? I’m not convinced that our government can even answer that question completely.

On one hand if plants were modified with the purest of ambitions and were only made to be healthier, and I believe it could be done, then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

I think at the start of the whole thing, when they first modified wheat, that really was the intent. We need to feed more people, therefore we need to make our wheat and corn yield more grain.  Nothing evil about that, right?!?

On the other hand, however, as I understand it there were some unexpected results after our “base” wheat strain had been modified, but it was decided, even though the molecular protein chain was different and they had no idea how it could or would effect people, that they’d go ahead and let it into our food supply anyhow.

After all what they accomplished in a short period of time; short strong wheat stalks capable of holding up the heavier grain head of the higher yielding wheat would have taken years, maybe decades through conventional hybridization processes. Kind of makes you feel like a guinea pig, huh?!? It does me.

are GMO crops safe

This is probably one of many public expressions in the United States of how the public feels about this issue, yet the U.S. government continues to stand their ground.

“Are you tired of GMOs working their way into so many of the foods you buy?

Do you ever wish you could just burn down all the GMO crops out there so they can stop compromising our food supply for good?

Some Hungarian officials did exactly that when they burned down 1,000 acres of maize in 2011.

The deputy state secretary of Hungary’s Ministry of Rural Development, Lajos Bognar, said at the time that the crops had been grown using genetically modified seeds.

Since these seeds are banned in the country, the government decided that the best option was to destroy the crops.

Bognar said that the maize had been plowed under, but its pollen had not spread. The farmers in question had mistakenly bought the seeds without realizing that they had been genetically modified.

Even though seed traders in the country are required to make sure their products do not contain GMOs, authorities say that they will continue to actively verify this. GMO seeds from Pioneer and Monsanto have been found mixed in with natural seeds, presumably accidentally.

Hungary has burned down thousands of these illegal GM crops over the years. Fire is the best way to get rid of these crops, as it destroys their artificial DNA and stops it from working its way into non-GMO plants.

Hungary has taken a strong stance against GMOs. In fact, the country’s Constitution says:

Hungary shall promote the effective application of the right referred to in Paragraph (1) by an agriculture free of genetically modified organisms, by ensuring access to healthy food and drinking water, by organising safety at work and healthcare provision, by supporting sports and regular physical exercise, as well as by ensuring the protection of the environment.

Contrast this with America, where GMOs are not illegal, and there are no serious labeling requirements.

Monsanto’s hold on the legal and political systems in our country is simply too strong, and they are not above discrediting scientists who reveal the dangers caused by their products.

Plenty of reasons to avoid Genetically Modified Organism’s

dead rat

With kind of result, I’m inclined to believe GMO’s deserve another look before they continue to be put into our food supply.

Why would people in any of these countries want GMO food?

One only needs to look at the results of the famous study by Gilles-Eric Seralini in which rats who drank amounts of Roundup that are legally allowed in our water supply noted a 200 to 300 percent increase in large tumors.

In addition, those fed GM corn suffered severe damage to their organs, including their livers and kidneys.

As many as half of the male rats and 70 percent of the female ones died prematurely after being fed Monsanto’s GM corn, NK603, which is found in many corn-based breakfast cereals, snack chips and tortillas.

This seems to answer the questions are GMO crops safe, yet the US continues to stand pat on not only allowing GMO’s in our crops and food but failing to identify foods with GMO’s in them so people could at least choose if they want to eat them or not.

When will America wake up?

Will our government ever adopt a similar stance to that of Hungary? This seems highly unlikely at the moment, so don’t expect to see GM crops throughout the nation being destroyed anytime soon.

However, you can grow your own GMO-free food in the meantime, and be sure to spread the word to all you know about the dangers of these foods.” Curated from

 When I read stuff like “….those fed GM corn suffered severe damage to their organs, including their

GMO breakfast cereal

Looks tasty, but is it something that is not good for you? It would seem that it is not.

livers and kidneys. As many as half of the male rats and 70 percent of the female ones died prematurely after being fed Monsanto’s GM corn, NK603, which is found in many corn-based breakfast cereals, snack chips and tortillas.”

Diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease and any other of a number of diseases that are higher here in America than anywhere else and have our government tell us it is perfectly safe?!?

It is really frustrating and no wonder there are so many conspiracy theorist in the United States.
I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I totally understand those who are.  Are our elected officials really that stupid that they can’t see this stuff is bad for us?

I think that there is loads of evidence and test results that clearly indicates we should not be eating genetically modified food with no evidence that it is actually good for you or even as good as unmodified food, yet they look the other way.

Why? As I understand it, the “food lobby” is one of, if not the largest lobbies in the country, so in a word: money!

Safe Food?

Is there any ‘safe food” to be had in the United States? Are GMO crops safe? Even with all the organic, GMO free efforts going on, is there any that haven’t been cross pollinated, even inadvertently, in America??

What do you think?


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