Araucana Chickens – Raising Them In My Backyard

Araucana Chickens Really Do Lay Easter Eggs!

Araucana chickens

These birds are a lot of fun to have, especially if you have kids, their colored eggs are really fascinating!

Araucana chickens have always been one of my very favorite chickens to have in my flock.

They are great layers, not necessarily the biggest eggs, but plenty of them!

Also known as the “Easter egg chicken” not because they dye their eggs or hide chocolate bunnies around your house, as far as I know anyhow!

It is because the eggs they lay come in a few different colors, which isn’t completely unique.

Many chickens lay brown or buff eggs, which are colors but not really colorful. It’s the pink, green and bluish-green eggs that set the araucana apart.

If you have kids, they will love the colored eggs! It is a way to get them interested in the hobby, if they already aren’t.

These chickens are quite docile and are easy to handle. They are a medium sized bird, which means they’d be alright for meat. If I were solely raising chickens for their meat, though, I would want to have Brahma’s, Barred Rocks or New Jersey giants.

Their color schemes can be black, red, golden, silver and finally white. They originated in Chile and are believed to be named after the indigenous peoples of the area known as the Araucana Indians.

How did this chicken breed come to be? It is believed it started by cross breeding the rumpless, blue-egg-laying Collonca fowl with the ear tufted Quetro chicken. The crossing of these two produced the Collonca de Arêtes, which is the forerunner for today’s Araucana chicken. It was imported to the U.S. in the 1930s for the first time.

What I find somewhat fascinating about these chickens is that they are from Chile and I live in Michigan, talk about adaptable! Not only do these wonderful birds adjust well to climate they fit in well with other chicken breeds and species. I currently have 6 white Brahma, 5 black Australorp, 2 Rouen ducks and 5 golden duckwing araucana all in the same hen-house with no issues at all.

If you are considering getting some chickens or already have a flock, but are thinking of adding some more hens, araucana chickens get my highest recommendation. They truly are a really good chicken that is hardy, docile, and easy for kids to handle.

They are also good eating, which is always a consideration when thinking about what birds to have in your flock. You want good layers, because eggs you can use every day. You want them to get along with the others birds and finally if you are raising them to provide food, then of course you would want them to have enough meat for soup or frying.

Have you ever had Araucana Chickens? What is your favorite chicken to have in your flock?

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